Mitt Romney’s Poor Judgement

When my state’s 2012 Republican primary is held Mitt Romney will not be receiving my vote. I’d asked all who see this to consider another candidate as well.

Why you ask?

Because of this: As MA Governor Romney, consulted with one, John Holdren, on climate change/carbon admissions matters. Holdren, a Harvard Professor with standing in the earth science field on the surface appears to be a valid ‘expert’ with whom to consult. Had Romney investigated Holdren’s past the kookie views Holdren supports should have excluded him as a Romney advisor.

My problem with Romney is:

  • Either he did not vet Holdren before seeking his advice
  • Or he did vet Holdren and still sought his advice,

Holdren is well know as “an advocate of de-developing America and population control”, that view to some feel makes his advice better suited to be an advisor to the savage Cambodian ruler Pol Pot, rather than a MA Governor.

Holdren’s 1977 book Ecoscience, co-authored with Paul & Anne Ehrlich, supports “state-enforced abortions for undesirables and the mass sterilisation of humans through drugs in the water supply, the book argues for the creation of a “Planetary Regime”. BTW this book is $199 used.

Note that today John Holdren is Obama’s Science Czar.

Read all about in James Delingpole’s post Romney’s Poor Judgement.

Might as well vote for Obama!! (ain’t gonna happen)

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