Post-it With a Punch

Seldom have I encountered such a simple message that packed so much punch. Here’s what happened today.

There were more rings than shown here.

I returned to a very respectable independent jeweler near my home to pick up a pair of earrings my wife had left for repair. There was only one other customer in the store with five store
employees behind the glass cased counter. As my repair was being retrieved, I noticed a full tray of what appeared to be 12 diamond wedding sets on top of the counter. I called the matter to the attention of the store folks, by saying I sure hope those rings aren’t real cause that could be bad for the store.

The store’s owner very good naturally told me that they were not real diamond wedding sets, and he indicated that they had a plan should even the fakes be lifted. I told him I hope he had a weapon behind the counter should he need one. Again, he grinned a quick smile and quickly went behind the wall behind the counter and retrieved a Post-it note with this handwritten message “We don’t do 9-1-1.” The fact that the Post-it is taped to the business end of the barrel of a 12 gauge pump action shotgun instantly conveys the jeweler’s message.

Now there’s a jeweler you can count on. :-)

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