Obama and his 72 Versions

Osama bin Laden is dead. That is a fact and is even confirmed by no less an authority than al Qaeda. It is about the only fact we know about the events detailed to the American people, by President Obama, on national television the evening of May 1st, 2011.

We know that the U.S. Navy’s elite special forces unit known as Seal Team 6 entered bin Laden’s compound, in Abbottbad, Pakistan, on May 1st and engaged in a firefight with the occupants. Did the Seals kill Osama bin Laden? That is what we have been told and all evidence seems to point in that direction but some experts on raids of this nature even question that “fact”.

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, “bin Laden was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.” Beyond bin Laden’s death there are no other facts we can hang our hats on. The Obama administration had hoped to ride this seminal event, if not to victory in 2012, at least an insurmountable lead in the polls.

The huge bounce in the polls Obama had hoped for never materialized. The respected Rasmussen Daily Presidential tracking poll still sits in the negative range where it has been since August, 2008. When Bush 41 attacked Iraq his numbers bounced into the stratosphere, the same was true of Bush 43′s numbers in the months following 9/11/01. Why has Obama not received a similar bounce after ordering the demise of Public Enemy #1 and the poster boy for world-wide Jihad.

The answer is quite simple. Obama’s internal re-election numbers indicate his victory in 2012 is by no means assured. The assault and death of bin Laden was merely the means to the ends, which was a significant bounce in Obama’s poll numbers. Obama throughout his Presidency has indicated nothing but antipathy towards foreign policy; except to run down the USA when abroad and bow to dictators from Caracas to Beijing.

The whole point of the raid in Abbottabad was to develop a narrative, the results of which would be to show Obama as a strong, decisive and capable leader who will track down our enemies half a world away and, of course, a BIG bounce in the polls. None of this happened and the reason is quite simple; the American people want to know the facts of the event and what they got from Obama was narrative.

It has now come out that the still photograph of the Obama press conference to the White House press corp was staged and many also suspect the iconic photo taken in the situation room was likewise staged. Instead of Obama being figuratively carried on the shoulders of his adoring supporters for a victory lap through the World Trade Center site we get hundreds of questions about what actually happened that night.

Questions like; did Seal Team 6 kill bin Laden or did his body guards assassinate him when they realized their situation was hopeless. Was bin Laden armed and defending himself? Did he use his wife as a shield, no it wasn’t his wife it was another woman, no it was his wife. His wife is dead, no his wife was just wounded. His was armed, no he wasn’t. He wielded an AK-47, no it was in the room but he never used it. This  Keystone Kops account of the events that night simply further underscore the amateur nature of the man and his staff of handlers.

The American people want their President to be a leader, not a timid, petulant and indecisive poll reader. In short, they want facts not narrative. They will never get that from Obama. Obama has skated through a charmed political career based on nothing but NARRATIVE. Sealed records about everything from his travels, his schooling, his papers and his books can take a Liberal politician, shielded by the sycophantic MSM, a long way in America. But not this time, we want facts not narrative.

There is nothing like a military action by the President to galvanize public opinion for or against an American leader. Eisenhower road it to the White House, Bush 41 road it to record high popularity and Bush 43 road it to re-election. By the very nature of warfare, actions by a President soon become well know facts emblazoned in the public memory. That is happening right now to Obama, as his narrative starts to fall apart the American people are experiencing in a visceral way, the incompetence, inexperience and venal soul of the man.

There is no way for him to seal the bin Laden episode from the public memory. Obama’s handling of d’affaires bin Laden, demonstrating his total incompetence will have effects for Obama far beyond the news cycle of this story. Americans are paying attention and they will remember the bungling amateur’s handling of the whole event.

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