The ‘Me’ Presidency

Funny how the current occupant of ‘The Oval Office’ on a daily basis exposes his narcissist hypocrisy. Victor Davis Hanson’s NRO column, The First-Person Presidency presents biting commentary on Obama’s latest ‘me, me, I’m wonderful’ behavior.

Obama’s hypocrisy is nicely detailed:

Times change. People say one thing when they are candidates for public office, quite another as officeholders with responsibility of governance. Obama as president naturally does not wish to be treated in the manner in which he once treated President Bush. Conservatives might resent Obama’s prior demagoguery at a critical period in our national security, as much as they are relieved that he seems to have grown up and repudiated it.

Okay, the public perhaps understands all that hypocrisy as the stuff of presidential politics. But I think it will not quite accept the next step of taking full credit in hyperbolic first-person fashion for operations that would have been impossible had his own views prevailed.

Obama is so ‘me’ focused that he, no doubt, will not understand the irony presented below:


Vindication: When The Loudest Critic of Your Policies Achieves His Greatest Success Because of Them

If there are any fair-minded Obama sycophants they’ll certainly wince after a moment reflecting on the graphics message.

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