Stealing The Seed Corn

Michael Moore, as reported by a Power Line Blog post -Other People’s Money- recently advocated stripping all private wealth from the 400 or so ‘richest people in America’. The video below shows the zeal with which he sells his idea the socialist sheep, whose collective heads nod in agreement, with what they see as deep socialist truths. Seems socialist uncover a new ‘right’ as a solution to any and all of our societal/economic ills.

video feed courtesy of PowerLineBlog

Private capital is just that ‘private’. It does not, nor will it ever, belong to the collective – period. Private money is, unlike public or governmentally controlled money, like seed corn. Seed corn [private money] is vital, as it is the resource used to grow more corn for consumption as well as to replace the old seen corn. Public money [taxes, fines, fees, etc] are never invested [planted for future yields] just consumed [eaten], and does not generate the perpetual renewal of replacement money [seed corn].

I encourage all those who agree with Moore’s concept to immediately divest themselves of all their wealth and que up at the local food bank and homeless shelter. There they’ll experience warm embrace of the collective. I’m sure we’ll see so many glowing reports from these socialist pioneers, that the government will be over run by additional funds flowing into the national treasury. If not, then tMoore’s position will be exposed for what it is fraud.

The collectives may, through the excessive application of ClearWrong socialist dogma, steal private money for a short time, but s the society build on the destruction of seed corn will soon perish.

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One Response to Stealing The Seed Corn

  1. marlowe1 says:

    To perpetuate their lies, the left needs to create boogeymen. One of there favorites is the “rich” or the “corporation, usually preceeded by an implied or stated “evil”. Without these boogeymen to blame, he left would have to present the real truth of their ideas and since they know their ideas will never sell they resort to the boogeyman. Tubby Moore has made a career out of creating these boogeymen (Capitalism-Medicine-Guns etc.)to sell his banal and insipid movies. I find it very interesting that his breakthrough movie “Roger & Me” was a screed against GM and by reference capitalism. Funny how now GM is the latest sacred cow of the lunatic left. Well, Tubby can continue to preach his nutty ideas and his junior grade version of the Marxian dream all he wants, because the people of America are coming for THEIR MONEY and no matter which side of the aisle you are on if you get in the way you could get run over. Keep talking TUBBY, cuz you and your redistributive ideas are headed for the scrap heap.

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