The Poet vs Hillary (and Obama Criminal Enterprise)

Excepted from: Benghazi-disciplined diplomat a prolific poet by SHARYL ATTKISSON, CBS News

Raymond Maxwell — one of the four State Department officials disciplined over security lapses that led to the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last year — is also a prolific poet.  His poems, he says best expresses what he has to say. He’s granted no interviews.

His poetry represents scathing commentary on the post-Benghazi fallout and implies that he feels like he’s been made a scapegoat.


“Trapped in a purgatory of their own deceit,
The web of lies they weave
gets tighter and tighter
in its deceit until it bottoms out -
at a very low frequency -
and implodes…
Yet all the while,
the more they talk,
the more they lie,
and the deeper down the hole they go…
Just wait…
just wait and feed them the rope.”

It’s a bold and almost shocking verse from the 20-year foreign-service worker who was the well-respected deputy assistant secretary for Maghreb Affairs in the Near East Bureau and former Chief of Staff to the Ambassador in Baghdad. Fluent in Portuguese, Maxwell is also an ex-Navy “mustanger,” which means he leapt from enlisted ranks to commissioned officer.

An African-American, Maxwell makes use of lynching imagery in his poem entitled “Invitation,” a commentary about being put on administrative leave December 18th after the State Department’s Accountability Review Board (ARB) criticized pre-attack security in Libya.

The ‘Invitation’ reads, in part:

“The Queen’s Henchmen
request the pleasure of your company
at a Lynching -
to be held
at 23rd and C Streets NW [State Dept. building]
on Tuesday, December 18, 2012
just past sunset.
Dress: Formal, Masks and Hoods-
the four being lynched
must never know the identities
of their executioners, or what
whose sin required their sacrifice.
A blood sacrifice-
to divert the hounds-
to appease the gods-
to cleanse our filth and
satisfy our guilty consciences…”

It’s unclear as to exactly what Maxwell and the other disciplined managers allegedly did wrong or how they were chosen for discipline. Three are on paid administrative leave. When asked for more details, the State Department did not respond prior to publication of this report.


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State of USA & UK Democracies: Marlowe & UK-Dude’s Thoughtful Conversation

uk-usaMay 2013 – Msg #1


Couldn’t help noticing that UKIP (UK Independence Party) picked up 26% in the recent Council elections. Does this signal a rise to prominence for the nascent Conservative movement in England or is it a fluke?

Will the Tories jump ship to UKIP? Is Cameron supportive? My guess is the Tories, like the GOP here will say all the correct stuff and then behind closed doors will plot to destroy the interlopers.

England could by establishing a strong Conservative movement and of course leaving the Bitter Belgian Bully’s become a model and leader in the RESURRECTION of sanity in the Western World.

Of course, here we are saddled with a Monster is attempting on several fronts; medical, guns, abortion/morality, taxes and energy self sufficiency.

It is now a proven fact that the largest oil reserves in the World are in the ground here or off our shores. Yet the Socialist Revolutionary does nothing but, like yesterday, run to Mexico and blame the gun violence in Mexico on America and our “magic” guns that walk themselves across the border load themselves and w/o benefit of human intervention proceed to murder innocents in Mexico.

I honestly don’t know what offends me more; his destruction of America, his platitudes, his lack of intellect or his abdication of our ideals and the fact the MSM allows him to skate on his Constitutional duties.

He is an absolute train wreck of a POTUS and destroying this great country as part of imposing his warped Statist views. Make no mistake we are voluntarily allowing this criminal to turn America into something most of us won’t recognize.


May 2013 – Msg #2


All this is a very new phenomenon with a myriad of points of view.

I don’t know what to make of it all at this stage so perhaps you’d allow a bit of time for me to come up with even an initial reaction.

Just think of this as a holding reply – can’t respond immediately but will eventually.


May 2013 – Msg #3


Some musings on this UKIP business and other related matters in no particular order of importance.

  • The country is fed up with an almost daily diet of reports of illegal aliens committing serious rape, assault, GBH, riot etc, being sentenced to 10 years say and subsequent deportation only to read that on their release after 5 years they are met at the prison gate by the first liberal lawyer in a long queue.They are persuaded to retain the lawyer and promptly whisked off to an Immigration Court where they appeal the immigration order on the grounds of their right to a family life under the EC  Human Rights Act. The appeal is almost always allowed and the miscreant remains indefinitely in the UK.All this is at public expense even tho’ the ‘family life’ might comprise a random woman being made pregnant, remaining unmarried and the alien never seeing the woman or child again.Great frustration also abounds over the Abu Qatada fiasco, a man egregiously committed to harming the UK, remaining in this country despite 10 years of successive government attempts to deport him to his native Jordan. 
  • Up till now I’ve taken the view that Cameron has been frustrated in any effort to do what should be done by the malign and totally disproportionate influence of the Liberal coalition partner.However, we now get all this trivia like forcing through gay marriage, green energy, no fracking and the like when people are naturally more interested in the economy, immigration, energy prices and all the other more serious matters which need attention.Thus when UKIP offer to come out of the EU, slow immigration to a trickle and revoke the EU laws and regulations which are such a drag on the nation it gathers an immediate and  significant bolus of popular support. 
  • Those people voting for UKIP are doing so in real anger and protest at the lack of Tory direction with some of the votes coming from former Labour supporters but mainly from disenchanted Conservatives.However, although there is no way that UKIP has the capacity or gravitas to win a General  Election, there is a very real danger that significant numbers of disaffected Tory votes will remain with UKIP and allow Labour to slip under the radar and gain a majority by default – very worrying. 
  • The Tories could greatly ameliorate the above risk by offering an ‘In-Out’ referendum but that would not be possible this side of an election because the Liberals in the Coalition would not allow the necessary legislation to go through.So Cameron is offering the next best thing – a referendum if he wins the next election in two years time; it might work. 
  • If a referendum did call for us to leave, it would still take forever to negotiate a way out  because of all the binding agreements that Blair and Brown tied us into during the last 10/11 years of Labour government, many of which had a ratchet effect. Add to that the Scottish In\Out referendum next year and you have the perfect storm. 
  • Barry and his mob think the UK and its independent sterling in the EU is a good thing; for the US it sure is good to have the advantage of an ally firmly in the EU as a foothold of influence.But Uncle Sam has no danger of having to put up with socialist laws and regulations imposed upon them by a non-elected superstar judiciary peopled by the much-feted defenders of freedom and probity that Lithuania, Latvia, and etc is so famous for.
  • In the long run the Euro has no future, if at all, in its present form.How on earth can hard-working and cautious countries like Germany and Holland operate effectively in the same sphere as siesta-orientated Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and all the other Club-Med countries, particularly when members previously regarded as acceptable like France and Italy are now seen to wobble. France, in particular, under Hollande is sinking deeper by the minute into a socialist mess.
  • On balance I now think it would be better for the UK to leave the EU.

What you say about the POTUS is very worrying, particularly as there is no Knight in White Amour on the horizon from the GOP.

I also read that Barry and his Commissars are plotting Brown type schemes which will ratchet socialist policies and leftie personnel into every corner of the state and charity sectors.

If the UK experience is any guide on this, you may look forward to a very long period of effort if  things are to be put right again.


May 2013 – Msg #4


My hat is off to you. That’s as fine a missive as you have ever sent my way. Great clarity on; the mood of the public, the UKIP party, the EU, Cameron’s inadequacy and the general sad state of the once mighty ENGLAND. I empathize and feel about the same towards Mao’Bama’s America.

You are right we don’t have to put up with Socialist laws and regulations from pip-squeak Club Med countries we just get same from homegrown pip-squeak Socialists and their entourage of leftist lawyers/judges.

The language is a bit rough from a friend of mine, who I had never discussed politics with in the 7 years I have known him, when he suddenly blurted out, “We’re f***ed” in a manner that told me he knew the stakes and had weighed the options and the conclusion was as obvious to him as it is to me. Short of an impeachment (never happen) we will suffer through 3 more years of Mao’Bama and his gang of Merry Regulators until the USA I grew up in is but a distant memory.

In a sense your task may be easier than mine in the sense the UK can appeal to patriotism to drive the Huns (EU) from your doorstep whereas any such tactic here would be viewed as partisan politics.

I just hang on until I feel they will be ready to breakdown my doors and will then move abroad.

I sense a new note of both realism (EU) and resignation in your comments. Sad to say we are both in the same boat.

A stolen election, a POTUS who is a virtual dictator by regulation and the once great USA is on her knees begging for help. But from what quarter?


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The Debt Generation

The Debt Generation

This is the best thing to come out of Knoxville since Peyton Manning.

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Who’d I vote for ‘If I wanted America to fail’?

Your answer to the question posed will be informed by viewing this short and powerful video:

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Marlowe & UKDude Discuss Liberals

Marlowe comments as follows:

“The liberal Supreme Court justices have demonstrated profound and shocking ignorance of the American health care system.”

In my experience doctrinaire Liberals are “profoundly and shockingly ignorant” of almost everything…………in the real world. I am using “ignorant” here in the classical sense of “no knowledge”. As you know I have many friends who are Liberals, brilliant people, one and all, in the academic sense of brilliant.

 One friend has a Ph.D in mathematics and would generally be described as a genius but when it comes to how things work, what decisions people make, how markets work and a host of other things he is totally, shockingly “ignorant”. He of course works for a University.

Doctrinaire Liberals, a definition;  the kind whose job may be as a computer programmer but their REAL job is Liberalism. These people live in self-sustaining symbiotic cocoons of un-reality. They read the “Nation and Mother Jones”, they mostly only talk to other Liberals, they have vocations that insulate them from reality and as a consequence they simply don’t know how the world works, how people think and the decisions they make.

To them, all of reality, is spent feeding the collective narrative. If it strengthens the governments Utopian goals it is GOOD and if it doesn’t they reject it, prima facie. They never, ever make an effort to understand the other side of the arguments position. They simply dismiss the other side as people who are too stupid to understand their Utopian truth. They are the enemy, they are incapable of understanding the Utopian narrative and are the ENEMY to defeated by any means possible.

I once rhetorically asked my Math genius friend to name a single major program the government runs that actually works, I defined works in this way; benefits those involved and isn’t just a giant money burning disaster. It was really a throw away question, I expected no answer, I just asked it to pique his curiosity. Two days later he admitted he had vexed about the question the rest of that day and suggested in the future we avoid politics. Not wanting to cause him further mental anguish I agreed.

This was 3 years ago and I guarantee he occasionally thinks about that simple question.

UKDude responds:
The problem with your maths genius is twofold.

  1. He, like all the other like-minded nutters, take no account of human nature. (This one is a real hobby horse of mine, so probably having heard it before, don’t be surprised if you hear it again)
  2. Although unusually in this case he came back to you, the vexing wears off and they are prone to sticking to their flat earth case come what may.

I am somewhat surprised that having caught a cold from you on this one, he didn’t revert to the default mode and start putting about words like ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobe’ or some such other of their standard diversionary vocabulary which gets trotted out when they are on the back foot.

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Streets of Shame 2012: The Transatlantic Conversation Continues


Does excessive use of alcohol lead to sluttish behaviour? You be the judge!

Streets of Shame 2012




You have now broached an area where we in the UK are right up there in the top echelons of bad and sluttish behaviour – truly world class.

Alcohol of itself does not, of course, cause sluttish behaviour.

A strong inherent tendency to such behaviour, which is largely confined, but by no means exclusive to, to the lower/middle socio-economic groups is entrenched in the psyche and ready to erupt on the slightest pretext.

Add to that the availability of cheap alcohol, near nudity and the desire of all those concerned to ‘out-excess’ each other and you have the perfect storm.

There is also the added bonus of MSM notoriety, sometimes seen as a badge of honour, and the subsequent indignation over police over-reaction and brutality and you have all the ingredients of the perfect night out.

You do not however have to arrange your schedule to witness these scenes every New Year’s Eve – events such as this are a regular feature in most UK towns and cities every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

The focus in Brighton is at West Street which is just two blocks east of the Metropole where you stayed last summer.

I have lots of observations on all this disgraceful performance but the two stand out.

The first is ‘What’s all this about recession?’

The second involves the reaction of the ordinary guy.

You may recall that the Vicar who sat by you at the wedding had a son flying combat sorties in Afghanistan and another in the Army who narrowly missed the Iraq escapade.

On one occasion they were both on leave together and went out for a drink one night and saw some of the somewhat lesser bad behaviour before it developed into the usual full-frontal.

They did not, of course, wear uniform for fear of being mocked spat at or worse.

After a short while they left for home asking each other what on earth they and their mates were risking their lives for!

So not only are these  excesses out and out disgraceful but it washes back to the ordinary guy and and begins to undermine the resolve of good people if it is allowed to continue unchecked.

BTW no need to worry if you really go over the top and get injured or come close to death with alcoholic poisoning, just get your mate to call an ambulance for immediate transfer to hospital for instant emergency treatment – all free on the NHS.

Am I in Fairyland here?




I guess I just got lucky by avoiding West Street after dark. Interesting how a charming area during the day can become a Sodom/Gomorrah at night.

We see this type of behavior in the US also, but largely confined to the larger cities, principally; LA, NY, Miami, Chi. etc. Note all the fires going on in LA as we speak.

Your comment that it is largely confined to the lower socio-economic classes rings all too true. I see and feel the desperation, despair and resignation in this class on a nearly daily basis.

I might add that the despair, resignation I see in members of this class in England is palpable. This is not to say we don’t have it in the US because we certainly do but I always feel it acutely when in London. It is my belief it stems from two things; the excessive taxation in the UK and the stratified nature of the UK public education system.

Liberals of all stripes, Mao’Bama, Brown, Blair et al are masters at manipulating this class. Mao’Bama demagogued them through out the 2008 campaign with his “hope and change” malarkey.

The Socialist left has spent the last hundred years destroying the cultural structure of both our societies and all it takes is a good prolonged recession to push these people to the point of desperation. As the Daily Mail pictures clearly demonstrate women are particularly vulnerable to this type of behaviour.

A society stripped of the cultural/gender norms that order the proper roles of the genders tends to intensify during tough economic times. Both of our economies have had up’s and down’s of the century’s yet it is a fairly recent development that women have behaved so badly. Why is it so different now? Couple a society eviscerated of it’s norms with  bad economic times and this is the result.

The statist left has known for long that to bring a society to it’s knees you must destroy every vestige of it’s culture; the church, gender norms, education and behaviour in general. They have worked on this for the past hundred years and we are now seeing it play out across both our countries.




Your point about alcohol per se not being the problem is well taken. Alcohol has been around since the beginning of time and has not led to this general breakdown in society. We needed the political class to step in and do that.

Their promises of a just, fair and equitable society has produced anything but that. Instead we have a society that stymies the productive class with punitive tax rates to subsidize the lower classes indolence so this compliant group will vote for Peter who is giving them Paul’s money.

They treat the lower class as chattel who are given just enough to keep them wanting more but in so doing they rob them of dignity, opportunity and the chance to ever

improve their lots in life. They in turn sense the futility of their situation but are without the means, both intellectually and morally, to right their ships. Is it any wonder they turn to violence the likes of which we have rarely seen coupled with profligate immorality.

The best discussion of this phenomenon I have ever read is in a sparse little book titled “The Ruling Class”–really an essay– just 87 pages long written by Dr. Angelo Codevilla, professor of International Relations at Boston University.

Rush Limbaugh practically read the whole thing on air and wrote the forward to the published version.

Codevilla divides the country and subject of his essay into two groups: The Ruling Class and The Country Class. A very simple, but I believe correct assessment of our societies. The Ruling Class by and large is government and the Country Class is the totality of the remainder.

Here is his concluding paragraph. 

“In this clash, the Ruling Class holds most of the cards: it holds strong defensive positions and is well represented by the Democratic Party. Because it has established itself as the fount of authority, it’s primacy is based on habits of deference. Breaking them, establishing other founts of authority and other ways of doing things, would involve far more than electoral politics………”

He goes on from there to present a small glimmer of hope that the Ruling classes days may in fact be numbered but the preceding 86 pages make one wonder if this cancer can ever be removed.


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Transatlantic Conversation

This link - sparked the following conversation between 2 Yanks, Marlowe, Oleneo and a Brit, UKDude.


It is an exact mirror of affairs over here.

Would you believe the results of a report commissioned by The Guardian issued yesterday says that the recent London riots were an expression of dissatisfaction over the police.

It’s being spun variously as, legitimate civil unrest = riot, free takeaway = theft, arrests and subsequent gaol [a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government] = police brutality and right wing oppression.

You couldn’t make it up.



As WHI said this whole OWS/London riots deal is a trial balloon or test run for next summer. Pat Caddell who is a

long time Democrat pollster of the moderate Dem. school said it best. “He has never seen a POTUS who was more fixated to the detriment of all else to get re-elected.”

Believe me Caddell goes way back to George McGovern and he has seen and knows a lot. Actually, he is about the only Dem. I give any credence too.

I believe that election 2012 will be the most brutal, barbaric awful plebiscite this country has seen in 150 years. Corruption will be rampant, vote buying and ballot box stuffing will be taken too a new level.

Here’s a short list of the states where history proves American POTUS elections are determined and therefore are ripe for horrendous abuse; PA, OH, FL, WI and MO.



Yes, 2012 will be horrific. Presume that is a major factor for the sharp rise in gun sales in the U.S.

UKDude, don’t believe y’all in the UK have that freedom. We have to fight for it each day, since our political leaders scheme and even kill people so they can make the case for limiting our 2nd amendment.



I’ll tell you the kind of freedom we are getting used to:

Freedom to have an illegal immigrant convicted of serious crimes remain indefinitely in the UK because he is entitled to a family life and would miss his cat.

Freedom to witness a disabled woman who ran her wheelchair over the foot of a lout who had just spat on her charged with assault.

Freedom to have a thug who was sentenced to community service, taken back to court for refusing to work clearing up leaves because he saw no point in it, sent away with a curfew order instead.

And so it goes on!

BTW I picked up a piece recently attributed to a US Judge Kennedy who mused that the Constitution is a dynamic document which should reflect the ‘liberationist spirit of our times’ in concert with ever changing public mores.

He does not explain however, why the right to liberty includes a right to abortion and gay sodomy but not a right to ‘incest, prostitution, embezzlement or indeed anything else an individual might regard as central to his dignity and autonomy’.

The prediction that follows sees the vision of individual liberty eroding institutions such as marriage and family and sooner rather than later ‘lead to conflict disorder and ultimately the dissolution of society itself’.

So Oleneo, it sure looks as if gun sales are set to soar year on year.



UKDude I think you summarized the argument beautifully when you said, “The prediction that follows sees the vision of individual liberty eroding institutions such as marriage and family and sooner rather than later ‘lead to conflict disorder and ultimately the dissolution of society itself’”.

The lefts “vision of individual liberty” as you so well stated, has nothing to do with individuals or liberty. Rather it is the promotion of the Balkanization of competing “single/special” interest groups which can then be easily controlled by the granting or withholding of special rights and privledges.

This, if not outright anarchy, is the goal of the radical socialist-statist. Pit this group against this, that or the other one for special favors and ultimately you have complete control over society.

The very thought or idea of “individual liberty” is as foreign to the statist-socialist as computers would have been to Christopher Marlowe.

The battle for western democracy will be determined, in the US anyways, over the next  12 months, the most crucial in the history of America. If by some fluke or more likely outright theft, Mao’Bama is re-elected America will be dead as a going concern.

A random thought on Mao’Bama’s 2008 election:

Mao’Bama was elected by his ability to motivate and mobilize a certain segment of society by his lofty “hope and change” rhetoric which produced a rather narrow 2.6% margin.

We all know who the “certain segment” of society is; we normally refer to them as idiots, dolts and the “boobarazzi”

The beauty of this class of people is they have to be highly motivated/persuaded to get involved and need to be bribed to complete the deal.

Here’s the GOOD part; Barry has failed at bribing or inspiring most of them and when that happens they rebel by NOT VOTING.



Your final point, unfortunately, is predictive of what BHO and the Dems will see as the only methods they have left to use in order to save ‘The One’. Very, very ugly times ahead.


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